Larocque (Crystal Lighting & Home Decor)

Joan Larocque – Owner of Larocque Boutique

Industry: Home Decor

Tell us a bit about your business and why you decided to set up shop in Trenton: 

I love lighting, and prior to Downtown Trenton, I had a lighting store in Kitchener, Ontario. Operating a small showroom out of the International Center for a number of years, then a brick and mortar store in Kitchener. Three of my four children had settled in Trenton and were raising families. I had no family or connection to Kitchener except for my business, which I enjoyed very much. I was selling not just lighting but also some home decor.

With the pandemic, my children were encouraging me now more than ever to return to Trenton so we could help and support each other. Weighing my options, I decided not just to leave the KW area but to bring my business with me. I knew setting up and building a business again would not be easy, but at least I had the help and support of family and friends. I have now added Newfoundland products to my line as well. I knew that handmade Newfoundland products were not connected to lighting, but I felt that these products would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face, while also supporting those who had handcrafted them.

How has the community been supportive of your entrepreneurial journey?

The community of Trenton has shown me encouragement and support in many ways. Lottie Jones has always been warm and welcoming to me; she offered lots of help and support with gift baskets, advice, and knowledge of the downtown. She is my go-to person when I need help and assistance. When I moved from Quinte Street in Summer 2023 to Dundas Street, many other neighbors came out to say hello and to support/encourage me.

In your own words, describe what it’s like to be a part of the Downtown Community.

The downtown community has been phenomenal, with so many other entrepreneurs supporting me and giving me advice along the way. Lisa at the DBIA has been a huge help with knowledge and assistance when I needed it. This itself is very important, as I often just pop into her office, feeling very welcomed in doing so!

What can we look forward to from your business in the coming months?

In the coming months, I am hoping to not only build my customer base but also to be more active in the community. I want people to know that I am here to help; I truly care and want to help where I can for other businesses and for the community.

What do you enjoy doing in Quinte West and the surrounding area on your days off?

I don’t have days off currently, as running my business has been very time-consuming! But I do love chatting with our local community members and other entrepreneurs when I get the chance.

What are your favorite local businesses to support?

I have a very soft spot for Lottie Jones, so naturally, I support her any way I can. I try to understand other businesses in the area, what they have to offer, so that when customers come in and ask me, I can direct them to local businesses and be informed myself on what they have to offer. It’s a win/win situation!

Final Thoughts:

Why should people make Downtown Trenton a destination to explore? Why not? If Downtown Trenton can offer as much as any downtown, with competitive pricing, why would you not want to put your money back into the community? The community supports the business, and the business supports the community. Again, it’s a win/win!