Megan Lawrence & Amy Clarke

– Owners of MA’S Pantry


– Baking Supply Store & Bakery

Tell us a bit about your business and why you decided to set up shop in Trenton.

Ma’s Pantry began as a passion for high quality home baked goods and quickly evolved into a desire to support other bakers in our community. During our time as a home based business, we found it frustrating how difficult it was to find the right supplies. When we felt ready to make the leap into opening a storefront, we knew we wanted it to be a combination of delicious baked goods and the supplies local bakers were in need of.

How has the community been supportive of your entrepreneurial journey?

Trenton is an incredible place to live, and we are both proud to live and work here. Despite the many delays that we encountered while trying to open up our storefront, the community has been incredible. Their support has gotten us through so many challenges. They also have been monumental in getting the word out about our business.

In your own words, describe what it’s like to be a part of the Downtown Community.

We feel so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful business community. Other business owners have played a huge role in getting new customers into our store because they have given us such positive reviews. It does not feel competitive and other business owners genuinely want you to succeed. It’s been nothing but loving and supportive.

What can we look forward to from your business in the coming months?

We have a lot of big dreams for the future. We hope to soon offer classes for both kids and adult (think cake and cupcake decorating). We also intend on having birthday cakes on site shortly, we are just waiting for our freezer!

What do you enjoy doing in Quinte West and the surrounding area on your days off?

We admittedly don’t get a lot of time away from the business. As other business owners know, it’s time consuming but incredibly rewarding work! We are also both moms which means that when we’re not at the store, we’re with our kids. With that being said, we love the Quinte Museum of Natural History, Centennial Park, etc, and try to get out and enjoy summer activities as much as possible.

What are your fave local businesses to support?

We want to give a shoutout to other businesses such as the Geek Shack for their incredible support, Wannamaker’s, who has never made this feel like a competitive sphere and have delicious baked goods, and CIBC who has been incredibly helpful in our journey.

Final Thoughts: Why should people make Downtown Trenton a destination to explore?

Trenton is an absolutely beautiful community. There are so many independent businesses with unique niches, and we feel that there is truly something for everyone. The more you come to visit the downtown, the more our community grows and flourishes. It’s a win win!

For more information about Ma’s Pantry please visit their Facebook Page!